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New technologies demand new business models and often entire new eco-systems emerge…WEVC is no exception.

Eco System

The Eco-system for Electric Vehicles (EVs) and WEVC is broad reaching, complex and still evolving. This is reflected in the standardization efforts and the developing regulatory environment.

Standardization initiatives and industry associations in the EV industry are bringing together players from many different sectors such as energy generation, distribution and network provision, charging infrastructure, equipment suppliers, vehicle component suppliers, auto manufacturers, service providers and technology developers.


The regulatory environment is also evolving with many regulators seeking guidance from the industry on how to facilitate the successful, competitive and sustainable introduction and deployment of wireless charging technology.


Given the nature of standardization and regulatory activities industry engagement is necessarily long term in nature and focused at global, national and regional levels. There are a number of standardization organizations where Qualcomm is active, these include: SAE; IEEE; and CENELEC. This effort takes considerable resource, strong co-operation and multi-party consensus among like-minded companies, and to be successful must be underpinned by clear and mutually beneficial commercial benefits.


Qualcomm is experienced in bringing a long term, global view, to these complex undertakings, and we are committed to investing the considerable resource required to develop collaborative relationships with partners from around the world. Our goal is to successfully develop an interoperable standard and regulatory framework to help foster the emergence of a competitive eco-system for the successful development of a WEVC market.