Value Proposition
Value Proposition  

Value Proposition

26 years of innovation and execution

Business Model

The Qualcomm business model is built around standards, technology licensing – based on Fair, Reasonable, And Non Discriminatory (FRAND) terms – and continued research and development. Innovation feeds members of the eco-system who benefit from a standards-based approach to the electric vehicle charging industry.

IP Portfolio

Qualcomm has a significant portfolio of IP across the entire WEVC system. This portfolio is growing fast, due to our extensive R&D effort and implementation activities with our development partners. The result is a robust Qualcomm Halo solution and a substantial patent portfolio covering inductive charging for both low power and high power systems.

R&D Capabilities

In fiscal 2011, Qualcomm’s R&D spend was over USD$2.9Billion. Our internal focus on R&D coupled with the competence and pedigree of our R&D partners (including The University of Auckland) places Qualcomm in a unique position to drive the development of WEVC technology.

Qualcomm Halo WEVC technology is based on years of internal investment along with decades of technical and commercial development by The University of Auckland, an acknowledged pioneer in wireless power transfer.


Qualcomm has over 23,000 employees across the globe. The majority of whom are focused on many aspects of wireless technology; from R&D, to global standards and regulatory development and government affairs. Our ability to execute complex programs against tight timeframes across multiple geographies is well known.

Standardization Capabilities

Qualcomm is well versed in developing standards across industries and brings experience and resource to the standards table; ensuring standards develop at the necessary speed to enable industry development, not stifle it. Qualcomm is currently participating in multiple standards organizations and forums, to facilitate EV industry adoption of a single global standard for WEVC. This will help drive not only the adoption of WEVC, but also the widespread adoption of electric vehicles.

Regulatory and Compliance Capabilities

Qualcomm has huge experience in the development of regulatory affairs and compliance to industry regulations. Informing regulators, standards and compliance bodies around the globe, especially at the early stages of a new technology commercialization process, is key to ensuring favorable industry conditions are established in time to support successful commercial activities.